The world of food science & nutrition

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Maybe it’s my Asian background, or just personal preference; I’ve always been passionate about food and nutrition: eating, cooking and understanding how food is made at home but also in factories. So, after high school and 2 years spent in Paris V medicine school, I attended an Engineering school and got my Masters of Science in Food & Health engineering degree with a specialization in Marketing & Communication.

Food science

Food science is a fascinating field that studies the physical, biological, and chemical properties of food. From understanding the complex processes that occur during food production, to exploring the ways in which different ingredients interact with each other, food science gives you insight into the foods we consume every day.

What is also interesting is the potential of food science research in improving overall quality and safety of food supply and helping enhance its nutrition value. For me, understanding the basics of food science is important if you are interested in healthy eating and sustainable food practices.

At the same time, the food industry can also be manipulating our relationship with food when their best interest is to increase their business sales and doesn’t always have the best, honest and ethical marketing practices to make you buy their products.


Nutrition is the science of how food and nutrients interact with the body and their role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. It is an endlessly fascinating field that explores the complex relationships between what we eat and our overall health and well-being, and there are still so much to be researched!

With some basics in medicine studies, nutrition offers another angle into wellness through the food and drinks we digest everyday. The field is still constantly evolving and new studies come out frequently with new research about the ways food and ingredients impact our health.

Both food science and nutrition are important fields that help us understand the role of food in our lives and how we can make informed choices about what we eat. They are constantly evolving fields that provide new insights and discoveries about food and its impact on our health and well-being.

So here I am, creating this blog and my IG account to share about the world of food science and human nutrition, about basics of nutrition that everyone should know but also sharing what the food industry doesn’t necessarily want you to know.