Healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated

No BS approach to food & nutrition

Empowering you to make the best choices for your unique needs; improving your overall wellness through science and evidence-based knowledge about food science and nutrition.

If you love food and are interested in knowing more about what you eat, welcome! You’ve come to the right place.

I’m a Food Science & Nutrition Engineer and a certified Yoga Teacher.

My mission is to help you make the best choices for yourself, aligned with your personal and unique needs. For me, healthy eating should be easy, based on scientific evidence, without any bullsh*t. It is a non-diet and not weight-loss centric approach.

No bias, inclusive, for everyone.

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Chuan Lee Food scientist nutritionist
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Food Science

How food is “made”, what makes food tasty, how canned foods live “forever”, and all the interesting facts about what you eat & drink.

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Understanding the basics of human nutrition. How does what you eat make you feel? What is “healthy” eating? Why diets don’t work?

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Food Industry

How does the food industry make you want to buy more and more? Are you being influenced by marketing?

Work with me

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Nutrition audit

You feel like you can improve what and how you eat to fuel your body and feel more energized. This is a review of your current food choices & eating habits with a simple set of suggestions depending on your goal.

Nutrition counseling

A longer term approach after the audit with follow-ups based on your specific goals. We’ll work together in understanding your current habits and how we can optimize them holistically for a healthier you.

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